Kaneson Manual Breastpump

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Customer Comment:
"I was happy to find the breastpump. I used it in 1980 and thought it was great. My daughter has (other brand) one now, and I still like the Kaneson better. So I really appreciate your offering the breastpump for sale." H.K., Indiana

The original Kaneson pump is still a favorite of hospitals and breastfeeding experts. The patented design allows milk to be drawn gently from the breast - you control the suction. Many mothers find the angled breastshield more comfortable to pump with.
Don't be fooled by imitations of this pump - the copies have too much or too little suction. Piston-style manual pumping action.

Milk container converts to a feeding bottle with nipple included. Dishwasher safe, sterilizable. Includes nipple adapter, feeding nipple, gasket, cleaning brush, bottle nipple cover.