Baby Love Nursing Pillow

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A customer favorite!

Nursing moms will find relief for sore neck and back muscles!

For many years, this pillow has provided comfort for both moms and babies. But it also has extended use as a "sit-aid", travel pillow, and TV pillow later. Nursing pillow gives support for your tired arms, and relieves back strain, by lifting baby to the proper position for breastfeeding. Also provides great relief for moms who have had a ceasarean section, and moms of preemies have an easier time handling them. Horseshoe shape curves to fit your body. Both ends of pillow are rounded so you can nurse on either side without moving the pillow. Generous amount of stuffing, so baby can be positioned easily. Can be used for single babies or twins.

Fabric is flannelette--doesn't slip. Use to prop a baby who is learning to sit (do not leave baby unattended). And, later can also be used as a travel or TV pillow for older children.

We frequently have customers coming back for extra pillow covers in brighter colors, even camouflage print, for older kids who are still using the pillow for lounging.

INCLUDES REMOVABLE, WASHABLE COVER. Pillow may also be machine washed, just throw a tennis shoe in the dryer with it to fluff it, or fluff by hand after laundering. Because we are the manufacturer, you get a great price--similar pillows are selling for up to $125.00! Recommended by midwives, nurses, lactation consultants; even used in hospitals.

Customer comments:

"I recently had a baby, and my mother-in-law purchased your nursing pillow for me. She works as a lactation consultant at the hospital and has seen every nursing pillow out there! She thinks yours is the best and recommends it to those who ask." - L.A., Saskatoon, SK.

"Best nursing pillow ever!   When our son and family were living with us,our DIL was using an old Baby Love pillow with a new cover. After they moved to their new house, when our granddaughter was 21 months old, the old pillow stayed with Grandma, and I bought a new pillow and cover for the new house. Our granddaughter knew that pillow meant "nursing" long before she could talk. In fact, her first word for breastfeeding was "pillow". Now she is a very tall 2 year old, and still loves breastfeeding on her pillow. When she falls asleep, mom scoops her up, pillow and all, and lays her down on her bed, all cozy." - Helen

 "Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I would just like to say "Thank you" for making the most wonderful nursing pillow ever created! Sixteen years ago, after failing to successfully nurse my first daughter, I bought one of your pillows. I succeeded at nursing my other two children with it and firmly believe the pillow was the key to my success. Since then, I have ordered your pillow several times to give as a gift and the response has been overwhelmingly positive and thankful. The standard response is "I couldn't live without it!" or "It's the best gift of all the ones I received!" I know women who have bought other varieties of nursing pillows who have been completely amazed once they have tried yours. It is the biggest, fluffiest, and most comfortable of them all! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!" - Jenine R.