Kidalog Baby Food Mill & Bib Bundle

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This bundle includes 1 Kidalog Baby Food Mill and 2 Large Longlife Bibs - makes a wonderful baby gift!  Choose the color of bibs that you would like. 

Stainless steel cutting blade cuts cooked vegetables, meats, etc. Grinding disc is also metal, not plastic, so this is the most functional baby food mill available. Customers tell us that this food mill works very well because of the quality metal disc and blade system. It quickly disassembles for cleaning; dishwasher safe (top rack). Handy for camping or in restaurants, as well as at home.  Made in Canada.


Customer comments:

"I bought this grinder for my second child 10 years ago and now am wanting to use it for my sixth child, so as you can see it has done a lot of grinding!!!!!"

 M.R. sent us this note when she requested a replacement blade.
"I was so excited when I had heard from my friend about your Baby Food Mill. I was given one with my first child but it was made by a different company that apparently no longer exists. It's terrible to say, but I loved it so much that I didn't even lend it out for fear it would somehow get wrecked or broken. A lot of my friends in the same stage of life as us wondered where to get them. Now I can tell them Baby Love!...If I don't get them one first!" D.C., Saskatoon, SK.