Baby Softwear All-in-One with Breathable Built-in Cover Cloth Diaper

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All-in-one (AIO) one-size cloth diaper!


Buy 36 or more to get bulk price ($16.99/each)

The ultimate all-in-one (AIO) cloth diaper--with a built-in BREATHABLE, WATERPROOF cover. A breathable cover means extra comfort for baby's delicate skin. Air can get through the outer "skin" of the diaper, but water cannot get out. One-size diaper fits babies 8 lbs - 35 lbs.

  • Velcro closures allow gradual adjustment in length, waist, and leg openings.
  • One size fits baby from 8.5 to 35 lbs/4 to 16 kg.
  • 8 layers of 100% cotton flannelette. A 4 layer pad attached to the back of a 4-layer diaper offers maximum absorbency with minimum drying time. Extra pads are available for insertion at night.
  • Three strips of Velcro in the front, fold down front for a newborn - adjust as baby grows.
  • Built-in cover so you don't need to purchase separate covers.
  • Built-in cover is made from a revolutionary BREATHABLE, waterproof fabric for the ultimate in leakage AND diaper rash prevention!

No-mess laundering instructions are included.  Made in Canada.