Baby Love Fitted All-in-One Cloth Diaper (Single Diaper)

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The ultimate cloth diaper--with a built-in BREATHABLE, WATERPROOF cover. The very popular Baby Love Fitted diapers are available with BREATHABLE and WATERPROOF outer layer. This means extra comfort for baby's delicate skin. Air can get through the outer "skin" of the diaper, but water cannot get out.

Made in Camrose, Alberta, Canada! Canada's #1 Cloth Diaper!

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  • ONE SIZE - fits infants 8 lbs to 35 lbs (4 to 16 kg)! Folds down in the back for newborns, adjust as baby grows.
  • Pinless Velcro closures, equipped with a fold in tab to allow for easier less complicated laundering.
  • There are 10 layers of very soft 100% cotton flannelette for maximum absorbency. For quicker drying time, the inner panel folds out during laundering - these diapers only take about 20 minutes to dry in the dryer!
  • Built-in waterproof cover - separate covers are not needed!
  • Built-in cover is waterproof and BREATHABLE, for supreme diaper rash prevention! Especially good for warm climates!
  • Unlike fleece lined diapers these diapers allow air circulation as they are more breathable and more absorbent.
  • Soft, 100% cotton means that there are no synthetic fabrics next to baby's delicate skin!
  • Gently gathered legs to prevent leaks, and for comfortable fit.

We welcome inquiries from retail stores wishing to sell our diapers. Please contact us by e-mail regarding wholesale.

Customer comments:
From YAHOO Canada Answers

Whats the best brand of cloth diapers?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

I use Baby Love (onesize) AIOs. THEY ARE AWESOME! and: provide good leakage protection, are trim, fast drying, and easy to use. I would recommend them for sure!


Wasted money on disposables for 1 year and am quite pleased with cloth!

The diapers are *outstanding* (one size fitted with the new waterproof lining). I noticed recently that the hospital uses the same material on their bed soaker pads as the waterproof exterior on the diapers. So far it's hard wearing and attractive on the diapers - and *very* good on baby's skin. No heat rashes. From E. M.

"I have been very happy with (these diapers), the outer shell is really waterproof, I am happy that I don't have to use rubber pants." M.V.

"Previously ordered 5 of these nappies to try out and absolutely love them and am back to purchase more! Thanks for wonderful product. So environmentally friendly. Cloth should be mandatory! I have ordered 20 nappies today with 'assorted colours'. Much appreciated. Will be spreading the word of this great product to all friends with bubs. Much much cheaper than aussie cloth nappies too, at least half the price. Thanks for a great product, and a very well priced product too. Many thanks for now and all the diapering years ahead", From L. A. and the 2 boys in nappies, Eli and Finn :) , Moranbah, Australia

"I bought 4 of these to try with my son. I am not normally a big fan of the all in one style diaper (due to the wicking problems). But these are amazing. My husband thinks they are SO great because they are the closest to disposable (in terms of ease of use) we have ever used. THANK YOU!" W.C., Dawson Creek, BC.

"My nine month old son wears the "baby love" fitted, all-in-one... they're the best! No diaper rash, no chemicals leeching into his genital area, no guilt about adding non-organic matter to our landfills. Both my husband and i feel great about this 'investment' thank you. Thank you for helping us begin a more thoughtful journey with our little one. Hear you me, we've been spreading your name to anyone who'll listen. warm regards, tory, aj & atticus, WY, USA

"I recently received my order with the Baby Love Fitted w/ Breathable cover and I love them... Also just to let you know, I have also been using the Baby Love one size fitted since baby was 2 weeks old and we love your products. These were awesome for him when he was little - now I'm becoming lazy and love the all-in-ones. Thanks so much! Stacey

"WONDERFUL!!!!!!! The diapers are very nice, beautiful colours." B.

"Thanks for the diapers, they are awesome." J.

"Speedy delivery and great nappy." JM

"Great diapers!" K.

"Great colours and top-quality!" I.

"I love this product." C.

"Received the nappies today with thanks. I haven't used them yet - just got them off the washing line from their first wash - but they certainly look fabulous and I'm sure they'll be perfect. Thank you for the extremely prompt service, most appreciated!" F.C., Australia

"I've been using the Baby Love Diapers for a year now, and I still love them. Easy to use, clean, comfortable for baby and a great price. Thank you for making such a great product!" M.P., Alberta