Regular Eve's Reusable Menstrual Pad

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Customer Comment:

"Wow! I just ordered my Eve's Pads yesterday and they arrived today! Incredible! They are beautiful and I look forward to using them." M.M.

No dioxins! No chafing! No sticking! Just soft cotton next to the skin. These will pay for themselves after just a few uses! Menstrual pads made from 4 layers of 100% cotton flannelette, backed with waterproof fabric. Less bulky than paper ones--won't chafe, get lumpy, or disintegrate like paper. Breathable fabric alleviates the odor problem. Pin-on style. Washable and re-usable. Environmentally friendly!

(Over her lifetime, the average woman will send approximately the same volume of used menstrual pads to the landfill site as a baby uses if diapered in disposables!) Instructions for use and laundering included.

Regular Pad--standard absorbency. White, or assorted colors/prints.  MADE IN CANADA.