Small Longlife Bib

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Small Longlife Bib is perfect for drooling or teething babies.
These bibs are the best you can buy! They will long outlast the cheap terry bibs with plastic backing that cracks after a few washings.
  • To keep baby's chest dry, they have a waterproof fabric backing that won't harden or tear, even after many washings.
  • Velcro fasteners - Velcro is quick, doesn't knot, doesn't tangle in hair.
  • Fully machine washable and dryable.  


Customer comments:
Your velcro fastener makes for a quick putting on and taking off and I especially like your nylon backing, which unlike others, has not cracked in over 2 1/2 years of washing! Many other bibs don't even have a plastic backing which results in food/milk soaking through to baby's clothes. In fact, the only bib I use now is yours; I've thrown the rest away! I'm now ordering bibs for a friend of mine who recently became a first time mother and I most definitely will be ordering more for my next baby! B.K.

"Dear Baby Love: I just couldn't send in my order without letting you know how much I love your bibs! I found that out of all the bibs I received as shower gifts, none came even close to the quality of your terry cloth bibs."

"This is the perfect bib for drooly newborns. It's the perfect size to keep their shirts dry. I bought several in a bunch of different colours and have been able to pass them on for nieces and nephews to use. They are still like new." - Yvette G.