Extra Large Receiving Blanket - 10 Pack

Regular price CAD$84.50

BUY IN BULK AND SAVE!  10 blankets for $84.95 (you save $10, normally $9.50 EACH).  YES - you can choose as many prints as you like (you don't have to order 10 all the same).

These generously sized receiving blankets are ideal for swaddling newborns, as they will even fit larger babies with ease--no gaps for bare toes! Approximately 45" square. 100% cotton flannelette. You SAVE by buying direct from the manufacturer (Baby Love)--our blankets are more than 50% off prices elsewhere!!

Customer comment:

These extra large receiving blankets are perfect for breastfeeding, and make a great summer blanket for your little one when they get bigger. After about 6 years by 2 kids, we widdled down to only keeping one. Not because they were worn out - NOT IN THE LEAST! - but because it was time to give up the baby blankets!!  - Karen, Calgary.